About Us

Melt Mobile Stamford - Shirl

It was March of 2012. Food Network’s new reality show “3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay” followed entrepreneurs Darlene Andersen and Diana Hall through the grueling task of launching a food truck business. The process was caught on film, there for all to see – the good, the bad, the soggy bread and the burnt cheese. But that was fine by Melt Mobile’s creators, Darlene and Diana.

The Melt Mobile vision was born when longtime friends, Darlene Andersen and Diana Hall, purchased a paddy wagon. Darlene, an experienced entrepreneur with a background in business and hotel restaurant management, and Diana, a graduate of NYU and the French Culinary Institute, hatched a plan to combine their talents and build a business of their very own.

Today, Melt Mobile continues to raise the bar of the local food truck scene with Darlene and Diana’s no-nonsense approach. Affectionately referred to as “Marge”, Melt Mobile’s first sandwich shop on wheels was soon the talk of the local food scene in their home town of Stamford, CT.

In addition to crafting damn good sandwiches, Melt Mobile’s personal commitment on each woman’s part, is the support of community families. Darlene and Diana donate 2% of Melt Mobile’s proceeds to The Umbrella Club, a local charitable organization devoted to helping children in need.