About Us

The Melt Mobile Story

The Melt Mobile was launched in 2012 when Darlene and Diana, long time friends, purchased a paddy wagon.
Combining their culinary prowess and business savvy, along with a good amount of fearlessness, the duo took their dairy infatuation and grilled it between two slices of buttery artisanal bread and created the “Original Melt”. The canvas was set and the griddle was hot. Since that first ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, Melt Mobile has stuffed these scrumptious creations with everything from pulled pork, Angus burgers and slow braised short rib, to seasonal veggies, Diana’s famous meatballs, cheeses from around the world, and even peanut butter, bananas and Fluff!

Whether you're an old school grilled cheese tomato soup dipper,
or you're feeling a little more adventurous, it's all good.
All that matters is that you Take It Cheesy...

2% percent of our proceeds go to the Umbrella Club!

A local charitable organization devoted to helping underprivileged children in need.

Voted the Number One Food Truck!

Melt Mobile has been voted the best food truck in Connecticut
3 years running.